Current Corona-measures


From May 15th all restaurants are allowed to reopen again. Reopening is only possible with a number of restrictions and less opening hours. The main changes are that restaurants can only recieve small groups of people with a maximum of 4 adults accompanied by their children. Between the several groups there must be 1 meter social distance at all times. That is why guests should be accompanied to their table with ‘Wait to be seated” principal, the table should be reserved in advance. Also wearing the facial mask is obligated for example on the way to the restroom, at the table it is not obligated. Where there are no other guests the facial mask is not obligated.







The following limitations are in order:


 We are only allowed to be open until 23.00 hours.

 Maximum 4 adults with theire children are allowed to sit at one table. In this case the minimum social distance of 1 meter is not obligated.

 Guestts should sit down at all times, in between guests who do not sit at the same table, the minimum social distance of 1 meter should be assured.

 Serving drinks at the bar is not allowed.

 Serving personnel should wear a facial mask indoors, guests do not have to wear a facial mask at the table.

 Tables should be reserved before entering the restaurant.

 Reservations of groups for several tables are not allowed.


For the hotels all restrictions are extended until May 28th. Touristic staying in hotels is allowed from May 29th onwards. At this point further details for protection measures of the several rooms – such as reception and general rooms – are not available yet.


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