Alpe Adria Trail Etappe 4




14 May 2022


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Alpe Adria Trail; Etappe 4

This week we have taken our shoes out of the shelves again for a nice hike in our direct surroundings. This time we have chosen the 4e etappe of the Alpe Adria Trail.


This Trail starts at Gasthaus Marterle, where you normally can relax very well or prepare for the next hike. Unfortunately the Gasthaus was still closed, so we already drank our coffee at home. Also the little church next to the Gasthaus is really worth to check out. The Trail from Marterle is mostly downhill along partly forrestroads, meadows and forrest to holiday-village Stall.


Because we are hiking at the beginning of the season, there are no cows on the meadows yet. But later in the season the meadows are filled with cows and there calves. Very nice to see, but unfortunately not very good and secure to hike when you go around with a dog. The dog should be on a leash at all times.


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