Hiking to Zirmsee

The lowseason has begun, time for us to get out!

From the moment we moved here, the hike to Zirmsee has been on our to-do list. Yesterday the weather was perfect voor a hike in the mountains,so we’ve gone our way – after finishing breakfast for our hotelguests – towards Alpengasthof Alte Pocher.img-16

After having koffee and Sachertorte there, it was time to start the hike. According to the signs the hike to the Zirmsee take 2,5 hours, a nice hike, not too long.

Eventually we hike in 2 hours to the Zirmsee in a overwhelming environment, the path being easy to follow by the Austrian flags which are painted on several rocks.


We could not believe our eyes when we arrived at the Zirmsee, unbelievable beautiful, such a lake up in the mountains. The water is so pure, off course freezing cold (being gletscherwater) with a surroundings which reminds us of the moon. Amazing!





After spending some 30 minutes here and enjoying our lunch which we brought along, it was time to go back. There is a possibility to go back using a ‘forstweg’ but we decised not to. We choose the same way back, and return at Alpengasthof Alte Pocher after short 2 hours.

On the terrasse we drink something weldeserverd with Kaiserscharren before we go home, tired but very satisfied!

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