18 September 2020

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Appels in car

On our way to the fruitpress

Today was a wonderful day. Since a couple of weeks we received a lot of apples from our new friends and neighbours in Mörtschach. They have a couple of appletrees in their garden which have given a lot of apples this year. Too much for privat use.

Today we had an appointment with Moskito Fruitpress (www.moskitocider.com) in Napplach. Our car fully loaded we headed towards the fruitpress.


Apples in front of fruitpress ‘ready for take-off’

In total we traded 350 kg apples for 275 liters of applejuice, and there are still more apples at the trees. For sure we will go back again to the fruitpress!

pulp leftover

pulp leftover

From now on we have very good Bio applejuice in our gasthof. Please come on over and try it yourself!


Result: 5 liter Sacks with applejuice

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