Ski touring

Ski touring, also called ski mountaineering or ski mountaineering, is a form of skiing that does not use ski lifts. Because tour skiers themselves climb up the mountain, they must have a very good endurance. As they ascend, the skiers make sheer skins under their skis, allowing them to climb up the mountain. A touring bindings is also necessary for this, in which you can walk with a free heel. The skiing goes down just like normal skiing. The risers must then be removed. Because of the way the sport is performed, touring and cross-country skiing resemble each other.

As with all other forms of mountaineering, ski tourers always have to take into account that the weather can change quickly. Because of the nature of the sport, a ski skier almost always carries a rucksack, with extra warm clothing, protection from the sun, food and drink.

There are 45 routes of different levels in the immediate vicinity of our guest house. Something for everyone!